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What to expect when you visit
  1. How long is the service? Sunday morning services start at 10 am and typically end around 11:30am. We are a bit flexible, so sometimes it's a little shorter and a little longer. The service typically is about 90 min.
  2. What about kids? We have All Nations Kids for ages 18 months through Elementary School. Grades 3 - 5 stay in the service for worship and then go to All Nations kids.
  3. What’s the service like? Our service is informal, with contemporary music as well as hymns. We kind of sing anything from the newest songs, to some of the oldie but a goodie songs, and modern as well as time tested hymns. When you first arrive, don't be surprised to not find a greeter, but instead, a family that loves to welcome new people and get to know them. We are a community of people that want you to know our names and we want to know yours. We consider the fellowship before and after the service just as important as what happens in between. We don't have a heavy program we need to get through, but keep it simple and keep space for us to pause in God's presence during worship and after the sermon to reflect and listen to the Holy Spirit. We celebrate communion every Sunday. We look forward to meeting you!
  4. How do people normally dress? We dress quite casually. One of the guys on our teaching team seems to enjoy preaching in shorts no matter what the weather is outside! :-D

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